P.T.Rail Accessories

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P.T.Rail Toilet Roll Holder

The Toilet Roll Holder is an add-on accessory for the P.T. Rail. It allows you to move your roll of toilet paper right onto the rail, reducing awkward reaching and eliminating the need for a conventional toilet roll holder.

  • The Toilet Roll Holder does not come with a P.T. Rail; P.T. Rail is sold separately  
  • The Toilet Roll Holder attaches to the P.T. Rail in seconds and will help you avoid reaching and twisting for toilet paper
  • The P.T. Rail Toilet Roll Holder should only be used with the P.T. Rail


P.T.Rail Wood Wall Plate

The Wood Wall Plate is an optional mounting accessory when mounting the P.T. Rail on a wall. The Plate is intended to add structural integrity to the wall and improve the security of the mount. The Wood Wall Plate is only to be used with HealthCraft’s P.T.Rail when mounting on a wall.

  • The Wood Wall Plate does not come with a P.T. Rail; P.T. Rail is sold separately. The Wood Wall Plate should only be used to mount a P.T. Rail
  • When mounting the P.T. Rail to a wall, place the Wall Plate between the P.T. Rail and  the wall 
  • The Wall Plate comes with pre-drilled holes and fasteners for easy installation
  • The Wood Wall Plate is unfinished to allow for easy customization to match your bathroom